What's up, I'm Cate.

I'm Cate, the tall lady with the camera + I am so happy you are here. I'm a wedding and livestock photographer who has a big time passion for helping people see their best selves and showcase their passions. I'm currently based in Sterling, Colorado and am constantly traveling across the country. I love this life and I hope to have the opportunity to make magic with you. 

Having the opportunity to preserve the most precious moments of your life is the most humbling experience I have yet to find. Capturing tear filled wedding day moments or helping farmers and ranchers market their passions is what gives me life. It's more than a job, or a client, or a sale... its family, it's love, and it's hard work. 

From me to you, made with love.



“We got the privilege of having Cate take our engagement, family, and wedding pictures. She made the experience so fun with her creative thought process and her funny jokes! We are so thankful for Cate. She captured the most special night of our life thus far. Cate is AMAZING!!! I can not recommend her enough.”